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Keith Mason is the owner, principal, CEO, etc. You can contact me by or there's more on LinkedIn. I offer consultancy services which you can read more about right here.

I help small and medium-size businesses get digitally unstuck.

I'll work with you to identify the tech-related opportunities to efficiently grow your business. I'll improve how your team uses technology, and integrating these opportunities into your workflows.

The goal? You get more done and have more impact, with less time, cost, confusion or complexity.

My Background

Point Hacks -

In 2011 I started a blog in my spare time. I grew it to an audience of hundreds of thousands of people, with a global team of 8 people all working remotely.

I grew the business' revenue to 7 figures, and then sold the business to a new owners - selecting and working with commercial and legal to get a great deal for both myself and the new team.

I built a highly-trusted brand and content resource, nurturing the Point Hacks community, and embedding a culture of authenticity and trust within our content, team and culture.

I chose the right combination of technology, with off-the-shelf software integrated with custom platforms to ensure a great product for consumers and clients, and an efficient production workflow for the team.

I built an efficient marketing machine with detailed funnel tracking allowing us to scale the business quickly.

I integrated teams of contractors, agency specialists and advisors for maximum effect and cost-efficiency.

I transitioned the business in it's entirety - the team, Point Hacks' clients and audience - with continued success.

More generally, I have 20 years of broad digital experience within large companies, working on content creation and publishing, digital business development, affiliate and social marketing, digital product creation and management.

How can I help you?

We should talk about these challenges to see where my experience can help you:

  • How can you best access and get the most from today’s global workforce?
  • How can you streamline your business' operations using the right combination of technology and workflows within your team?
  • How could you acquire more customers, and consolidate and sift through your customer data to make a difference to your revenue and customer service?
  • Which of these problems should you focus on first?

Interested? You can email me at .

Newformula Media

I also operate Newformula Media, which is building a number of niche websites, including Drive Zero, for electric car owners in Australia.